Woody Wax Brushes, Gloves, And Applicator Kits


Ahh Woody Wax, such a versatile product it can be used on almost any surface of your boat whether it be aluminum, stainless, nonskid or smooth. I found out about this stuff about a year and a half ago and fell in love from the first spray.

Product Review: Woody Wax
By Austin Frye
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The Art of Fishing specializes in inshore fishing for Striped Bass, Bluefish and Flounder as well as offshore fishing for Cod, Haddock and Bluefin Tuna. In addition to sport fishing, we accommodate a variety of private charters from whale watching to harbor cruises. This is why we depend on the full line of Woody Wax products. Woody makes cleaning up after a day offshore catching tuna fast and easy. The boat is quickly spotless, ready for an evening harbor cruise. We can spend less time cleaning, and more showing our clients a great time.

Captain Tom Ciulla

"Finally! Someone has created a product that actually works. I have been working on charter boats for years now and could not be any more tired of products that just don't work. I was a little scared to pay $60 for a restoration kit, but I now own all of your products. I tell everyone about it simply because they cant figure out how my boat is a 2004 and looks like a 2011. I am woody waxing everything I own now.

Thanks again for just making a product that makes everyone's life a little easier."

Capt. Jonathan McMullin, Hilton Head Island, SC

"As an Offshore Charter Captain in Venice, Louisiana I'm constantly looking for ways to protect my most important investment, my boat. Recently, Captain Will Wall brought a sample of Woody Wax to me one afternoon when I was scrubbing and cleaning. He explained Woody Wax could not only help me clean quicker it could prevent the long hours of scrubbing. Matter of a fact Woody Wax will restore luster and prevent salt water corrosion.

I tried Woody Wax and I'm hooked. Now I apply Woody Wax to my gunwales, deck and engine covers and when Yellowfin Tuna blood hits the deck a quick splash from the 5 gallon bucket and WOOSH it's all gone. Blood and other spills don't have a chance of staining my boat thanks to Woody Wax.

In addition I have replaced the many detergents and soaps I previously used with your Woody Wax Ultra-Pine Boat Soap, I love the smell but most importantly it refurbishes the shine and compliments the other Woody Wax products. I guess you could say these products go together like peanut butter and Jelly.

Thanks Woody-Wax."

Captain Mike, Venice, LA

"Man does Woody Wax work on a corroded Aluminum T-Top! I have some before and after. But time is the ticket on that. I am going to do 2 more treatments (went through one spray bottle already) and all the pits will be gone. Great stuff!"

Tommy, Sugar Land, TX

"On Sat. am, I washed down the boat with a little bleach and Ultra Pine, This mixture cleaned up the brown spots and then used the Woody Wax over the whole inside of the boat, gunnels and non skid decking with a few squirts on the brush and then dried up water with old towels. Must have been insect /spider stuff we discussed on the phone. Anyway, I could not believe the difference with only a few hours of time.

On Sunday in less than 1 hour, I did another light wash w / a 2nd. application with Woody Wax, again wiping off the water with towels, and the shine is unbelievable on the deck and gunnels areas. First time I've used this stuff & the product really did / does a fantastic job!!! I ended up doing my outriggers, T-top, and detailed the Center Consoel with this product. I told another guy detailing his boat about Woody Wax and he was heading to get it right away!

Thank You so much for your help & advice. I'll be getting one of the WW shirts soon!"

Mike, Roanoke, VA

"I received my shipment today and was pleasantly surprised to see a few samples included. Thank you.

Needless to saw, i am a big fan of your products and have done a good job promoting them! My wife and I are always asked what we use to keep our boat looking great. We tell them about Woody Wax and give them some for them to try. Needless to say, the following week(s) that they share with us how pleased they are with their results!

This is the second time I had to buy the 1/2 gal. size. Usually get the quart at West Marine but I've given so much away i needed to stock up for our use."

David, North Palm Beach, FL

"There is a place in heaven for you!!! I just used Woody Wax for the first time. Even though I saw it at the Miami Boat Show I figured it was just another gimmick. Wow was I wrong. Gone are the days of washing fish bllod, ladyfish poop, and other assorted excretions left by my charters. Just a spray of the hose and the boat's as clean as it should be. Honestly I had my doubts when I applied it but you guys have a great product there. Thanks again...

"P.S. I'm writing this in the time I should have been out there washing the crud off the boat. But well you know the rest of the story..."

Capt. John Wildeman, Islamorada, FL

"Hi Folks,

"Every once in a while a product comes along that knocks your socks off!... I was absolutely amazed at the eaze of which Woody Wax goes on and the *remarkable* results from the first swipe of the cloth. I cleaned up the neglected t-top structure of my (new to me) 1999 Grady White 222 Fisherman in no time. The dull, cloudy-white film came right off and the aluminum looks new. Thank you for such a great product! Every word of your advertising is true. I'll definitely be a repeat customer."

Carl A. Swanson, Shrewsbury, MA

"First off I need to say your product, Woody Wax is fantastic but I think you should look at other markets for it too. I recently purchased a used motorcycle and the previous owner did little to keep the alloy wheels clean. The other day when it was raining I decided to clean my bike and when it came down to polishing the alloy wheels, a job that eats up a lot of time and effort, I decided to try Woody Wax. I didn't want to use any type of heavy scrubbing wool so I took an old sponge that had a light spot scrubber on the back side. I added a little water and three squirts of Woody Wax and began rubbing. The first thing I noticed was all this black guck start appearing, then I noticed the water marks started disappearing. Never, with any motorcylce or alloy wheels could I ever get all the water marks to go away and at best there was always some trace of them. I spent about 5 minutes on the one side just rubbing away then wiped off the black guck with a wet rag. Next, I wiped down the wheel with an old t-shirt and man was I surprised at the final result!!! My front wheel has a like new look and not a single water spot and I did it in about 5 minutes per side. With my old motorcycle I would polish the wheels for hours using a drill and a buffing wheel and I could never get all the water spots off. Thanks to Woody Wax I can clean, polish and seal my alloy wheels in less time then it would take me to do one side of one wheen on my old bikel. Woody Wax isn't good...it's GREAT!"

"I think you should market Woody Wax for cars, trucks and motorcycles too for the alloy wheels and aluminum. Woody Wax is the best product I have ever seen for alloy wheels!"

"I will be sure to tell my friends about Woody Wax."

"Thanks again for a super great product!"

Richard A. Ludke, Sr., Milton, FL

"I have to congratulate you on a terrific product. Woody Wax is like nothing that I have ever seen before. I have restored a couple of boats, and always maintained them to the highest standards, and consequently I have always had a box full of differnet products for maintenance. All the different waxes, polishes, etc. were replaced by one bottle of Woody Wax. Woody Wax is by far the BEST, SUPERIOR product that is out there, believe me I have tried them all. After trying Woody Wax and seeing the unbelievable results I immediately showed the results to my friends. A local boat supply store was sold out of Woody Wax and a few friends of mine were thanking me and Woody Wax."

"Woody Wax creator, thank you for saving me time, money and most importantly keeping my boat looking sharp."

Alex von Kiel, Oceanside, NY