Woody Wax Brushes, Gloves, And Applicator Kits

About Woody Wax


Yes, there really is a "Woody!"

In 1997 John "Woody" Cronin was frustrated because his VENTURE 34’ SPORTFISHING BOAT was only 1 ½ years old and the tower was already pitted and corroded. He tried all sorts of products and was still unhappy. So… Woody decided to formulate his own product to take care of the ugly pitting and corrosion on his boat...and more...

WOODY WAX was born....The backyard chemist and entrepreneur (Woody wears many hats- Paving & Demolition Contractor, Excavator, Citrus Farmer, Pilot, Heavy Equipment Owner/Operator...) developed a product that would treat, restore and protect most everything on his boat. Woody Wax not only works on all the metals: T-tops, towers, outriggers, railings, etc., but also restores, treats, and protects all the fiberglass, the non-skid deck, the electronics, the electronic connections, and more !

"With WOODY WAX I am able to treat the bright work on my VENTURE 34’ in less than an hour (versus 8-10 hours the old way.) I rarely use soap on my boat. My fiberglass and decks get waxed with the swipe of a deck brush (which also puts corrosion protection on all the screws, hinges and hardware that rarely got treated before.) WOODY WAX leaves an impenetrable non-slick finish that resists stains and looks fantastic! "

"My deck box used to be full of half empty waxes, metal polishes, corrosion blockers, and abrasive deck cleaners. All these products are no longer necessary with just this one product. Just about everything on my boat has benefited from WOODY WAX."

John "Woody" Cronin